3 Time World Domino Champion

Foremost Domino Game Consultant in the U.S

I am a three-time World Domino Champion player/coach/consultant that taught "Domino Theory & Strategy" at the University of Oklahoma. I have mentored players that have over 20 World Championship Domino Tournament titles during the last 27 years, including the current world champions in the Singles Division, Rickey Rambo, and the Doubles Division, Devin Rambo of Kansas City, MO. I have hosted and played in tournaments from Domino, Texas, to ... Read more

Play Dominoes Like a Champion

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For those who play seriously, no game compares to dominoes. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master. The rules are simple, but its complexity runs deep. It lets you nerd out but it makes you feel cool. It rewards logic and creativity. When you watch people who love dominoes playing, you see people who are laughing, joking, smiling – and deadly serious... Read more

Dominoes Game Night

When researching to write this book, I discovered there are more than 80 different domino games.

I chose to write about 65 of those games. Even if you don't like dominoes, you will find a game in this book that will entertain and excite you. My publisher Black Dog & Leventhal is a top 5 publishing company had a great idea and I am very pleased to be associated with them. To purchase the book, click here.


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