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"DOMINO THEORY AND STRATEGY" - Get to the next level in 3 classes of one hour each. You will be amazed after the first hour. Check out details below and contact us.

One-on-one ZOOM ONLINE classes


In our classes you will learn:

1. What to down every time.
2. How to read the board better and better remember what you read.
3. How to ANALYZE every hand and the significance as it relates to the score.
4. When and when not to down fives
5. When and when not to play fives.
6. How to play defense against fives.
7. How to avoid the block or lockup.
8. How to recognize the AUTOMATIC domino hand (opponent can't do anything about it).
9. The best side of the boneyard to draw the desired domino.
10. The importance of cutting the shuffle.

You will learn the above and much more. Our class caters to offline LIVE play but most of what you will learn can be adapted to playing online also.

You will receive a video from each class within 24 hours after the class. Contact us today for pricing and other details, CLICK HERE right now. Awesome is on the way!


32 Reviews

anthony ayala

12 March 2024

12 March


I just started playing dominoes about a year ago, but I really enjoy the game a lot. I happen to come across Travis on YouTube, then I bought his book. Which ha...
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19 April 2023

19 April


This book by Travis is more than a book on how to play dominoes. It’s a book on how to play dominoes well. It’s more than entertainment; it offers the strategie...
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