Travis Newsome
3 X World Domino Champion and author of two domino books. Click on the photo.

I am Travis Newsome of Metropolitan Chicago, Illinois, an author, professional domino consultant, coach, and player. I am also one of 3 domino players living in the United States of America that have won the World Championship Domino Tournament in Andalusia, Alabama, three or more times, making me a three-time world domino champion. (The other two are Jerome Wooten of Kansas City, MO, and Macky Barnes of Booneville, Mississippi).

My parents introduced me to the game growing up in Chappell Hill, Texas. My love and interest in the game have followed me since. I have always considered myself a teacher of the game. I originated and taught a non-curriculum course ("Domino Theory and Strategy") at the University of Oklahoma before receiving a Finance degree at OU. Kansas City, my former home, has more world champions than any other city in the USA. I believe I have played a significant role in that accomplishment because all of the champions are a part of the local Show-Me Domino League of Metropolitan Kansas City. This league has been a leader in advancing domino strategy and ideas. One educational program I introduced is "Dominoes, More Than A Game" for middle and elementary stu dents. As a professional domino consultant, my goal is to be the one-stop source for information regarding all aspects of dominoes. 

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